Human Rogue

One Unique Thing

Owns a porcelain egg with an occasionally glowing inscription.

Icon Relationships
  • The Emperor: Positive 1
  • The Prince of Shadows: Positive 2

Character Sheet

Hamilton’s Magic Items
Spy-Master’s Cape
Gain a +1 bonus to PD.

Recharge 16+: The magic in this dark cape allows the wearer to teleport to any nearby or far away location they can see, but only when they are hidden from the view of all other observers. The wearer may use the cape at the moment of discovery to escape. For example, if they’re trying to hide from a band of orc scouts, and one of them discovers their hiding place, they may teleport as a reaction just before the orc sees the wearer of the cape. Once the orc looks directly at the wearer, the cloak cannot be activated.
Quirk: Ends conversations by leaving abruptly when the other person looks away.

Gloves of Swift Striking
Recharge 6+: Increase the wearers initiative by +2d6 for this round only.
Quirk: As you probably assumed assumed the quirk for this item was “jumps to conclusions.”


There is currently a lot of questions behind the validity of Hamilton’s backstory, but currently he is claiming to be searching for his brother. Hamilton’s mother Martha died giving birth to his younger brother and his father George was murdered by pirates. Prior to his death, his father spent his life delivering messages for the emperor on the ship “Lithitania.” When Hamilton, and years later his younger brother, was old enough, George would take the boys with him to sea. When they became of age, The Emperor entrusted them with their own shipping routes. To survive after the death of their father, the boys sold all of their possessions, except a magic egg. Not much is know about the egg besides the fact that is occasionally has a glowing inscription. Hamilton’s brother Benjamin was last seen delivering a message to Foothold, then he vanished. Hamilton has been retracing his brothers route trying to find clues about his disappearance.

The VI have had a difficult time trusting Hamilton and his backstory. He comes off as untrustworthy. He joined the VI under the guise of having to finding his brother, but after joining he hasn’t brought up his missing brother at all. He told the group he was an officer for the Emperor but when it came to communicating via Mores’ Code (A military standard), he was not able to do so. And he is always trying to get the group to split up, or be alone somewhere.


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