Alyia’s Items

Shield of Flowing Silver

You gain a +10 bonus to your maximum HP.

Recharge 11+: The surface of this mirrored round shield flows like quicksilver. When someone attacking you rolls a natural 1, you may teleport that attacker to anywhere nearby that you can see. You can’t put the attacker into immediate danger (no teleporting foes into lava), but can put them in combat with your allies, or stick them up a tree. If the attacker is wielding a weapon, then you can choose to just teleport the weapon; the attacker can either let go of its weapon and stay engaged with you, or keep hold of the weapon and get teleported too.
Quirk: The shield constantly reminds you of how beautiful it is, and gets upset if you don’t polish it for at least an hour every day.

Dragon’s Claw Gauntlet

Recharge 11+: This elaborate steel gauntlet is made to resemble the claw of a dragon. Your next attack that would normally target AC now targets MD instead, as you hew at your enemy’s soul.
Quirk: Quick to judge.

Armor of Swift Fury

You gain a +2 bonus to your AC (as if you need it).

Recharge 16+: When an enemy crits you in melee, you may immediately take an opportunity attack against that enemy.
Quirk: Unsettlingly cheery, especially in the face of danger.


Felagund’s Items

Gloves of the Salamander

Recharge 6+: When you hit one or more foes with an arcane spell attack, deal +1d10 fire damage to one target of the attack.
Quirk: The texture of your skin seems wrong to everyone else, but you know it’s all in their minds and often explain that to them.

Architect’s Cloak

You gain a +2 bonus to PD.

While wearing this cloak, you see any structure both as it currently is, and as it once was. So, if you entered a ruined dwarven citadel, you would see both the current dilapidated ruin and, overlaid on that, what the citadel looked like when it was fully manned and intact. This double vision may be useful when exploring ruined areas or searching for lost treasures. For instance, you might know that there’s a door beneath a particular piles of fallen rocks, or recognize a rusty broken sword as the remains of a potent magic weapon.
Quirk: Often gets nostalgic.


You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with your Sorcerer powers.

Recharge 11+: Choose an enemy and a damage type. That enemy is now vulnerable to that damage type until it is defeated or until sunrise, whichever comes first.
Quirk: Indecisive. Maybe.


Hamilton’s Items

Spy-Master’s Cape

You gain a +2 bonus to PD.

Recharge 16+: The magic in this dark cape allows you to teleport to any nearby or far away location you can see, but only when you are hidden from the view of all other observers. You may use the cape at the moment of discovery to escape. For example, if you’re trying to hide from a band of orc scouts, and one of them discovers your hiding place, you may teleport as a reaction just before he sees you. Once he looks directly at you, the cloak cannot be activated.
Quirk: Ends conversations by leaving abruptly when the other person looks away.

Gloves of Swift Striking

Recharge 6+: Increase your initiative by +2d6 for this round only.
Quirk: You already assumed the quirk for this item was “jumps to conclusions.”


Hope’s Items

Hero’s Lyre

Recharge 6+: When you roll to sustain a song, you may keep the result of the d20 roll and use it for an attack this round.
Quirk: Composes heroic ditties about the exploits of the rest of the party.

The Noisy Cricket

You gain a +2 bonus to all attack and damage rolls made with this weapon.

You deal +2d6 damage with your first attack each battle using this weapon.
Quirk: Blurts out obscenities.


Patent’s Items

Assassin’s Amulet

You gain a +1 bonus to saves when you have 25 HP or fewer.

Recharge 6+: When you miss with an attack, you may use the amulet to ensure that no-one notices. You don’t get to inflict miss damage. As far as any witnesses (including your target) are concerned, you did something perfectly innocent. Maybe you stumbled slightly, or perhaps you muttered to yourself. You certainly didn’t launch yourself across the room screaming “death to the enemies of the Three” or cast chaos bolt at the high priest.
Quirk: Obsessed with making a good first impression in any situation.

Quiver of the Three

When using arrows from this quiver, your crit range is expanded by 1.

In addition to their usual damage, these arrows inflict 1d6 fire, lightning or acid damage, chosen when fired. However, if you miss with all your attacks using these arrows in a turn, the quiver will withhold this enchantment until the next encounter (the expanded crit range still applies).
Quirk: Frequently argues about which dragon is best.


Rex’s Items

Armor of the Stark

You gain a +2 bonus to AC and MD.
Quirk: Prone to abstract speculation.

Mace of Providence

You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon.

Recharge 16+: The gods guide your hand. Don’t bother rolling the dice – you hit, if it’s at all possible that your blow could somehow land. This is a basic attack, and doesn’t trigger any flexible attacks or special abilities.
Quirk: Much too trusting.


Hellbound Denada